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Engineer, Thinker, and Centerist

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I am an engineer, former US Marine who served in Vietnam, and a widower. I am a fiscal conservative but also a Jack Kemp style "Bleeding Heart" Republican.

I believe that we can't fix anything by doing a half-assed job but I also believe that we need REAL health Care Reform (Not just a shell game). I believe that we need to give people a hand up, but not a recurring hand out.

I am a registered Independent but, in spirit, a Jeffersonian Democrat. Most importantly, I believe in two important Adages. The first is ancient old one from Japan that, loosely translated says "Fix the problem, Not the Blame!"

The other is a limerick given to me by my late mother. it is entitled The Thinker; and it goes:

We have two ends with a common link,
With One we sit, with one we think.
Success depends on which we use;
Heads we win, Tails we loose!